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1. What types of logistics providers (commonly referred to as freight forwarders) are there?
There are four categories of freight forwarders:

  • International air freight IATA (International Air Transportation Association) agent
  • International air freight consolidator
  • International ocean freight forwarder 

International ocean freight consolidator (NVOCC)
Rather than limit itself to a single category, Interlink Logistics is a full service shipping company that handles all aspects of the 4 categories of freight forwarders listed above. We are a full service all-in-one freight forwarding company that provides agents and shipping consolidation, negotiates contracts, and arranges shipping with national and international truck, rail, air, and ocean carriers.

2. What extent of service can I expect from Interlink Logistics?
Interlink Logistics can tailor the extent of services to fit your budget and your needs. Whether it is packing and crating, transporting from warehouse or manufacturer to shipyard, tracking your shipment, taking care of the logistics of getting your product/supplies from point A to point B, or handing some or all of the documentation for you, Interlink Logistics will follow your needs and directions with knowledgeable service, and then give you a little extra to ensure that your shipping experience is unparalleled by any other you have experienced.

3. How long has Interlink Logistics been in business?
Interlink Logistics as a full service global logistics provider and specializes in both domestic and international shipping.

4. Can someone from the company answer my shipping questions such as packing and crating requirements?
Absolutely! Although we offer packing and crating services, we will gladly answer any questions you may have when you do it yourself. Our concern is that your freight gets where it needs to be safely and legally.

5. Who will handle my order?
Your freight will be managed by a primary operations specialist who in turn is supported by a secondary operations specialist. The secondary operations specialist will be fully aware of your order and all freight-related communications. This way, if for some unforeseen reason the primary operations specialist is unavailable, the secondary specialist will be available to assist you without delay.

6. How will I know where my freight is and if it will arrive on time?
Knowing the where and when of your freight is a phone call or keyboard click away. Interlink Logistics uses state of the art Internet Tracking to follow your freight the moment we have possession of your shipment. We will provide you with a tracking number so that you may access your tracking information via the Internet directly. You are capable of viewing a simple recap of your pick-up/delivery status information or you can go more in depth and view shipments individually to see specific details pertaining to each move. We can also provide customized reports to help you in monitoring the progress of your shipment(s) and view information that your company specifically needs to see. Whether you prefer tracking your shipment online, or calling and talking to one of our employee’s, our goal is to provide you with the information you need, when you need it.

7. What is a Customs Broker and do I need one?
A Customs Broker 'clears' imported goods through customs barriers for businesses. Typically, this involves the preparation of complicated documents, the calculation and payment on behalf of the client for taxes and duties. They facilitate all communication between the importer/exporter with governmental authorities such as U.S. Customs, the Food and Drug Administration (FDA), the United States Department of Agriculture (USDA), the Fish and Wildlife Service among others. U.S. Worldwide Logistics, Inc. provides Customs Brokerage to ensure that there are no costly delays or seizure of merchandise when your freight crosses borders. U.S. Worldwide Logistics, Inc. provides free consultation regarding the level of customs brokering your freight may require. We can assist you by determining the tariff classification(s) your freight falls under, and then help process entry through U.S. Customs.

8. How much experience should a freight forwarding company have?
Five years or less of International shipping experience is considered “Young” in the shipping industry. It doesn’t mean that you may not get good service from a “young” company, but what it does mean is that it may lack the experience gleaned from mistakes and acts of God weathered by older established shipping companies.

9. Can I do the freight forwarding myself?
To determine this you will need to assess your knowledge regarding the varying shipping requirements demanded by governmental agencies both U.S. and foreign when exporting and importing freight. Container type, dimensions, classifications and construction are strictly stipulated in many cases. While requesting freight handing services such as packing and transporting will add to the expense of your freight, it is often necessary to hire an experienced freight forwarder to do it correctly. Incorrect packing can lead to fines, loss of product, damaged product, seizures by governmental agencies and delays in your business. While designating someone within your company to handle the shipping paperwork is a possibility, the chances are that he or she will be limited in their training and will not be able to follow the international paper trail blazed by all shipments. In this situation, using a freight forwarding company that is knowledgeable in national and international documentation can be invaluable to you.

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